Anchor PassagePsalm 23

The Big Idea: In the midst of tragedy and fear, remind yourself that God is right here.

     1. God is still in control.

     2. God has not abandoned us.

     3. God can use life's circumstances to open eyes to His goodness.


OCTOBER 8, 2017- A Portrait of David

Anchor Passage: Psalm 33

The Big Idea: Find a heart for God in the middle of worship.

     1. Worship is more than a feeling. (It's not about me.)

     2. Worship is more than Sunday. (It's not about a day.)

     3. Worship is not to earn acceptance but to acknowledge Love. (It's not about a reward.)

OCTOBER 1, 2017- A Mind for Truth

Anchor PassageActs 17:10-12

The Big Idea: A mind for truth requires a mind open to God.

     1. Listen to new ideas and learn to hear someone out. (Acts 17:11)

     2. Stand on a solid foundation, not someone else's opinion. (Acts 17:11)

     3. When the truth is evident, let go of the lie. (Acts 17:12)

SEPTEMBER 24, 2017- A Work in Progress

Anchor Passage: Romans 8:18-30

The Big Idea: While we dwell in the process, it is God who brings the progress.

     1. We are not born Done.

     2. Even as followers of Jesus, we are still a work in progress. (Romans 8:23-27)

     3. The progress belongs to God alone. (Romans 8:28-30)