Anchor PassageEphesians 1:15-19; 3:14-19

The Big Idea: Pray for other people.

     1. Pray that others would come to know God better.

     2. Pray that others would have a spirit of love and unity in their relationships.

     3. Pray that other's would have the strength to make godly choices.

Anchor PassageGenesis 37-50

The Big Idea: If you want to be great, be a great servant.

     1. Serve others no matter your circumstances.

     2. Serve others, even if you don't like them.

     3. Serve others as if you were serving God.

     4. Serve others like Jesus served you.

Anchor Passage: Esther 4:1-14

The Big Idea: Unity isn't just about getting along; it's about becoming One.

     1. Unity is about finding your identity in something more important than just you.

     2. Unity requires humility and sacrifice.

     3. Unity doesn't always lead to peace; but to common purpose. 

OCTOBER 22, 2017- Mouth for Encouragement: A Portrait of Barnabas

Anchor PassageActs 9:24-27

The Big Idea: Your words have power; choose them carefully.

     1. Fear can cause us to say and do unwise things.

     2. Encouraging words lets someone know you have their back.

     3. Encouraging words gives a person permission to be who God calls them to be.



Anchor PassagePsalm 23

The Big Idea: In the midst of tragedy and fear, remind yourself that God is right here.

     1. God is still in control.

     2. God has not abandoned us.

     3. God can use life's circumstances to open eyes to His goodness.