"Stories from the Book of Acts"

Anchor PassageActs 14 & 15

    The Big Idea: Make sure you are worshiping the one true God and not an opinion.

     1. Don't worship religion. (Acts 14:4-7; 19-20)

     2. Don't worship people. (Acts 14:11-18)

     3. Don't worship tradition. (Acts 15:1; 7-11)

Anchor PassageActs 13:1-5

    The Big Idea: Our mission is to go and tell the world about Jesus.

     1. Our mission is to go.

     2. Our method is to speak.

     3. Our message is Jesus.

Anchor PassageActs 12:1-17

    The Big Idea: Prayer if effective not because of the words we say, but the Lord to whom we speak.

     1. We don't know what to pray for.

     2. We don't pray like we believe it makes a difference.

     3. We don't pray like we expect an answer.

Anchor PassageActs 10:34-44

    The Big Idea: Find that balance between confidence in what you know and the humility to learn           as you go.

     1. Jesus doesn't reveal his whole plan all at once.

     2. Be confident only in what is certain.

     3. Never stop learning what it means to follow Jesus.